[Official] Whatsapp For Java Download Free For Java Mobiles

Whatsapp for java or jad: Download WhatsApp for java phone now by following the instructions.  WhatsApp is a free software developed by WhatsApp.Inc.  Is is used to send text, voice and video messages across internet using using secure end to end encryption.  Download WhatsApp for Java phone and enjoy WhatsApp’s free texting, audio sharing and video sharing features for free today.  If you do not have a smartphone, worry not you can download WhatsApp for your smartphone for free down below.

WhatsApp for Java

WhatsApp for Java

WhatsApp was launched exclusively for the iPhone App store in the year 2009.  In January 2010,  The support for the Blackberry OS was added and subsequently the support for the Symbian OS was added in May 2010 and for Android OS in August 2010.  In the following years WhatsApp was available for download for the following OS as well:  Series 40, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10,  Samsung’s Tizen OS, unofficial port has been released for the Meego based Nokia N9 called Wazapp and also for Maemo based Nokia N900 called Yappari.

It is clear that WhatsApp a multi platform app is available for download for most of the smartphone OS.  WhatsApp is also available as a download for Java phones in .Jar file format.  Follow the article given below to download WhatsApp for your Java phone.  WhatsApp for Java works for most of the java based mobile phones.  WhatsApp is already connecting millions of people around the world.

WhatsApp has been downloaded more than 1 Billion times as of now.  That is over one seventh the people of earth and you can also download WhatsApp for your Java phone.

Download Whatsapp For Java Mobiles:

You can download the whatsapp for java mobiles from the below link.



  • Download the whatsapp.jar file from the above link
  • Kindly disable the security code of your java mobile
  • Then install the whatsapp.jar file
  • Restart your java mobile and tap on the whatsapp
  • Enter the mobile number that you want to use whatsapp
  • OTP will sent to your registered mobile number
  • After entering the OTP and then wait for few minutes
  • That’s it friends, Enjoy using the whatsapp for your java mobiles

Features of WhatsApp for Java:

  1.  You can message your friend and family for free.  WhatsApp uses your phone’s internet connection to send message and therefor you do not have to pay for sms any more.
  2. With WhatsApp for Java you can create groups and send your messages to group.  Using this you can send messages to a group of people like family and friends
  3. With voice calls you can talk to your friend and family for free.  With WhatsApp for Java you can talk  to your friends in a different country without worrying about call charges
  4. Using WhatsApp for Java you can talk to your friends using only a computer because it is available for PC for free
  5.  You can share photos with friends and family instantly using whatsapp even if you are on a slow connection.
  6. You can share you personal joy with your friends without worrying about privacy because Downloading the latest version of WhatsApp provides end to end encryption. No one else can read your message not even WhatsApp
  7. WhatsApp also allows you to share files up to 100 Mega byte without hassle.  Download WhatsApp today and get what you need to over to who you want.
  8. You can send a perfect voice message with just one tap.  Use the one tap feature and send instant voice message in WhatsApp for java.

Here is what you should know about WhatsApp for Java:

WhatsApp has been rated as the best app ever.  It goes to the WhatsApp for Java also.  If you have not yet installed WhatsApp for Java in your Java phones yet you should read on to get how impressive and intuitive java has been for all these years.  You can simply Download WhatsApp for Java now and install it in your phone.

Make sure that you have a working internet connection and and open the application from your application menu.  See that WhatsApp automatically finds all your friends who have WhatsApp installed in android, blackberry,  windows phone etc.  Add your friends to your favorite list by sending messages to them.

You can also set your photo as your profile pic.  In WhatsApp for java you can write your own status and set it.  You also have the option to select a status from your status history.  If you add a new status to your profile you will see that the old status gets pushed into the status history and that way you can select any status you want or you can come up with a status any time you want.

In WhatsApp for java you will notice a cool new intuitive feature that will let you understand the status of the messages you sent.  When your phone manages to send the message to the server, it will show one dark tick under the message.  If the message manages to pass from server to the phone of the client, in your case,  it will be your family or friend,  you will see an extra tick under the first tick.  When the client sees that message,  you will see two blue ticks.

whatsapp for all platforms

whatsapp for all platforms

Obviously WhatsApp for Java is an app you should have in your java phone from today onwards.  Java Micro Edition is a Java Platform developed by Sun Micro systems for embedded systems like mobiles and set up boxes etc.  Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle in 2010.  Designed for Mobile device, Mobile information Device profile includes a GUI and Device storage API and MIDP 2.0 includes basic 2D gaming and various other feathers.

Even though WhatsApp was initially released for smart phone,  it can be installed in  a Java phone also.  Keep following the links below and download WhatsApp for Java.

Java is a popular operating system developed by the sun Microsystem.  It is used in the popular budget phones like the old Nokia and the new budget Samsung smart phones.  To install WhatsApp for Java make sure that you have a color display phone.  The phone must have a 240*320 display resolution to support WhatsApp for Java.  It should also have a 256k color display to display colors accurately.

We have already seen many chatting apps like Nimbus and Ebot for Java phones and it is time now to use a real WhatsApp for Java in the phone.  For that you have to Download WhatsApp for Java.  Nimbus and Ebot are good client for chatting but they are what they are,  they are just clients.  But WhatsApp for Java are real chatting apps with dedicated features that allows its users to seamlessly connect with each other.

All this makes WhatsApp for Java a good a must have app for Java phones.  WhatsApp is an app that exploits the background thread feature of the operating system that allows the app,  WhatsApp for Java,  to communicate with the internet using the background thread.  The background thread swans after certain time, the Operating system has started.

whatsapp for java

whatsapp for java

As soon as the operating system has started the background thread sends signals to the server of WhatsApp.  The server reports back to the background thread and lets the WhatsApp for Java know if there is anything to report the user on.  WhatsApp is intelligent enough to report the user when the user has received a message.

When WhatsApp was released for phones for the first time.  It was released for the iPhone of the Apple.  It was initially released in the App Store for the iPhone user to download.  After downloading the WhatsApp, the WhatsApp application notify the user if the members of the user’s favorite list has posted a status of any kind.  When the background thread catches the changes, the application notifies it to the user.

After a year WhatsApp.Inc added the feature to send text messages to the users.  Since then WhatsApp users can send text messages to other WhatsApp users.  So you can also send messages to other whatsapp users using WhatsApp for Java.  Adding the feature to send text messages made WhatsApp the top 20th best app in the Apple App store.

There was a sudden explosion of number of users in the WhatsApp.  Thus making WhatsApp for Java one of the most searched terms in Google.  Since then WhatsApp.Inc started adding support for the many other platforms like Symbian, Windows Phone,  Android etc.  The number of users in WhatsApp increased at rate that WhatsApp founders introduced payment methods to control the number of people enrolling into WhatsApp.

As soon as whatsapp got ready to meet the needs of the rapidly growing audience, it released WhatsApp for various other platforms like Symbian, Android etc

Thus there are WhatsApp for Java for download for you.  WhatsApp respects the privacy of its users therefore it has the encryption feature.  It uses end to end encryption because it changes the keys after certain period of time.  Therefor, as soon as the message your WhatsApp for Java application, the key for the message is lost from your phone and it is re generated in the client side to decrypt your message.

whatsapp for java

whatsapp for java

By doing that whats app does not know what message you sent using your WhatsApp for Java.  This helps you protect your important messages from prying eyes.  Thus the feature that increased the number of users in WhatsApp is what WhatsApp does best.

After the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, Facebook intended it to be a free service for everyone.  A service like Facebook Social Media which can be used by everyone.  Using WhatsApp has no cost and it can be used by anyone to reach out to anyone in their contacts.  Therefor you have to download WhatsApp for Java today and use the free service that have been there never before.


If you follow the above article and then you will be able to use the whatsapp for java mobiles. But this app is not officially launched by the whatsapp but this app performs in good manner. Devices which contains small display will not able to perform this app properly and so display size must be greater than 320*240. We hope that this article satisfies your need, if not comment us and we will reply as soon as possible.

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