VLC ChromeCast: How To Stream From VLC To ChromeCast in Easy Ways

This article teaches the reader how to play videos in their HDTV through VLC chromecast.  The article is divided into two parts.  The first part is about playing videos stored in the user’s hard disk in their HDTV without any hassle using the VLC Chromecast methods.

VLC is also available in android phones and iOS phones etc.  It is possible to play the videos from smartphones to HDTV.  In a smartphone running android, if the OS is 4.4 or higher,  VLC chromecast is possible in the device.  If a smart phone is not showing the options, the user can root the device and install an OS that does allow the user to use VLC Chromecast.

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Please follow the following the steps to be able to play VLC videos in the local HDTV using VLC Chromecast.

What is Chromecast:


Google ChromeCast

Google ChromeCast

Chromecast is a digital media player developed by Google.  It is used to control audio/video playback in HDTV using a smartphone, personal computer etc.  Alternatively, content can be mirrored from a google chrome web browser of a personal computer as well as a screen of an android mobile.

The first generation device was a video streaming device announced in 2013. The second generation device was a chromecast audio released in 2015.  It was an audio only device.  A new model of chromecast, Chromecast ultra, that supports 4K and HDR was released in 2016.  Chromecast was favorably received by many and it is a very good device.  Below we have given the steps to screen cast the user’s videos stored in the hard disk to their HDTV using Chromecast and VLC.

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Chromecast is originally designed to play videos from internet using google technologies.  Chromecast is connected to the home HDTV in the HDMI port and a power supply is also added depending on the model.  The chromecast is activated and the TV is made to play using the HDMI port in which the chromecast is connected.  Then, the device is found using wifi network and connected through.  If the user is using chrome web browser,  he/she can use the cast plugin to enable the cast feature.  If an android phone is being used, use the official youtube app to enjoy Chromecast feature.

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VLC media player:

vlc media player

vlc media player

VLC media player is commonly known as VLC.  It is free, open source, portable media software created by VideoLAN.  VLC  is available on PC, Macs, smart phones etc.  It is available via the official website, google play store, windows store etc.  VLC media player supports many Audio, Video compression methods and file formats.  This makes VLC one of the best choices for playing videos.

VLC, like most multimedia framework has a very modular design.  Which makes it easier to add new plugins for new file format, codecs, interface, or streaming methods.  VLC has more than 380 modules.

VLC is a packet based media player which helps it play almost all file formats.  It can play some, even if they are damaged, incomplete, unfinished, such as files that are still downloading across peer to peer network.

What you need to set up a Chromecast:

The following steps are needed to set up chromecast.  Chromecast setup is simple and it is as listed below.  To setup the user will require a TV that supports HDMI.  A working Wi Fi network and a second device through which the user is wanting to stream contents from.

  1. You will need a HD TV
  2. A WiFi network
  3. a smart phone

Setting up chromecast for streaming:

After successfully setting up connecting the chromecast to the Tv and connecting it to a working wifi network the user must carry the following steps to setup chromecast and start streaming the way it was originally designed to.

  1. Switch the TV input to the HDMI Chromecast.
  2. To set up the chromecast you can use a smart phone, tablet, computer
  3. Open the app page in the app store of your smartphone
  4. Download the app and install it
  5. Open the app and scan for WiFi networks.  Find and connect to the chromecast you see in your TV
  6. The app will say that it found a new chromecast.
  7. Press Next
  8. Select a country
  9. Give your chromecast a custom name
  10. Select your wifi network and enter the password.
  11. You will see cast icon in your youtube app and chrome
  12. Press the cast icon and select the chromecast in the pop up menu
  13. Now you will be able to cast the video to the TV.

VlC chromecast:

VLC developers’s chromecast support is finally here. In their nightlies site the users can find the latest version of VLC, vlc-3.0.0 .  This VLC can support VLC chromecast.  The windows version of VLC supports the VLC chromecast.  Using this VLC the users can cast their screens to their TV.

This version of VLC is unstable.  The users have been reporting that they have issues while trying to play videos of some specific file formats.  The user can download either 32bit or 64bit version depending on their OS.  The users are directed to follow the following steps to cast videos for VLC to their TV.

VLC ChromeCast Support

VLC ChromeCast Support

  1. Turn on the Chromecast in the TV.
  2. Open the latest version of VLC in the computer
  3. In the top menu, follow Video>Render>Scan
  4. VLC will scan and find the nearby devices.
  5. Then choose to Video>Render>Chromecast device. VLC will connect to chromecast.
  6. Drag and drop a video file into VLC.
  7. Upon playing the video, an Insecure site prompt will pop up.
  8. View the certificate and accept the certificate permanently.
  9. The video file should play in your chromecast connected device.


Use the VLC controls to control the video playback.

Screen Mirroring:

Screen mirroring is a technique that helps the users to mirror the content of the mobile screen into a HDTV.  It allows you to display your mobile screen in your tv.  If you have a smart TV and a wifi connection,  you can do screen mirroring for free.  For this the user’s android devices should have screen mirroring feature.  It can be having different such as screencast, media output, share screen etc. Devices running android 4.1 or older will not have this feature. Setting up  screen mirroring is very easy.


  1. In the smart TV open the menu
  2. and enable the screen mirroring option
  3. in the smartphone,  launch the screen mirroring feature
  4. select the TV that belongs to the user
  5. and Click OK

In TVs that do not support cast by default the user can plug in a chromecast and use it.  Use an android phone that supports screen mirroring.  If the phone does not support screencast, the user can update the OS to a newer OS that does support it or root the phone and install an OS that supports the screen mirroring.

  1. Now enable the chromecast connected HDMI port using the smart TV’s menu
  2. Enable the screen mirroring from the phone
  3. Connect to the chromecast.

 VLC Chromecast using screen mirroring:

After carrying out the above stated steps, the users are to do the following steps to play videos in the their HDTV.  The VLC available to smartphones through the respective app store supports VLC Chromecast.  Just open the application and play the video after enabling the screen mirroring.  The Video will play using the HDTV and the VLCs controls in the application can be used to control the playback of the video.


As you can see we have give two official working methods to perform VLC Chromecast.  The user can use the latest version of VLC coupled with a HDTV to play through VLC chromecast.  The users can do the same using screen mirroring techniques in their android phone and using the VLC that is available in the app store.  This way the users can enjoy their content in larger screens with ease.

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