“Unfortunately Showbox Not Working”- Fixed In Easy Ways

Working Solution For Showbox Not Working Error:-

Showbox Not Working: Hi friends, There are a lot of articles about showbox app for pc, Android, iPad and iPhone. In this article we will help you to get recover from “Unfortunately Showbox App Is Stopped”. This post will help you to run the showbox app on your mobile. This showbox app updated version got a lot of problems and it creates the irritation for users while watching movies.

The older version of showbox app provides the better movie experience for users. The important thing of this article is to give the solution to come across this Showbox not working (unfortunately showbox has stopped) or the app update problem.
Problems faced by users by using this latest version of Showbox app- “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped, Get it Fixed Now”“showbox not working” on your Android phones and desktops.

showbox not working

showbox not working

This showbox app provides the better entertainment to all users, But this newer version bringing the irritation to users. This showbox app will provides a lot of entertainment to users. No one wants to lose it. That’s why you are googling this article to get fixed the “Showbox not working error”. Just follow this below article to get recover from this error and get back your entertainment back on your android mobile phones and desktops.

Showbox Turbo Edition: Download

showbox turbo

showbox turbo

What is showbox turbo, this is the next edition of the showbox app which enhances the loading time of the online videos and provide the comfortability to the android users. By downloading this showbox turbo edition you will be able to buffer your videos in faster manner. Download

Features of Showbox Turbo Edition:

  1. Provide high speed buffering rate
  2. Low data consumption
  3. Applicable for HD videos
  4. “Showbox Not Working” error has been resolved.

Solved Showbox Not Working/Has Stopped Problem 🙂

This tutorial will works only for the Android users and Windows PC users, since Showbox will work better on these platforms only. And now we will provide you a short working guide to get recovered from this error. We will recommended to install the latest version of showbox app on your mobile and in desktop too, only then we will able to tell you the methods of uninstalling the older version of showbox app.
Best alternative for this Showbox app is Moviebox app. Get this moviebox for pc and moviebox app for android.

Fix “Showbox App Update Problem” On Your Desktop:-

Peoples around the world reinstalling the showbox app by installing the showbox apk file through the Bluestacks app player. This process is not called as re-installing. You will be know well about Bluestacks app player and so we will not require to explain it. They are all thinking that by uninstalling and reinstalling this app will get recover from showbox app error, But this process is wrong. Lets jump into the guide of resolving showbox not working error.

This is a simple step by step procedure to get recover from this issue:

  • Firstly, Download the working showbox apk.
  • Keep this apk on your desktop.
  • Now open your BlueStacks app player.
  • Click on the Time which you can see at the right bottom side of the window.
clock adjustment

clock adjustment

  • solve showbox has stopped.
showbox not working

Settings tab

showbox not working

Manage App

  • Move to Settings –>Manage Applications..
  • There you can observe all installed apps in your Bluestacks.
  • Check where showbox is and click on Delete. Pop up will appear on your screen, just click Continue and uninstall showbox, Then proceed to uninstall process.
showbox not working

Choosing App

showbox not working

Delete cache

  • Click Done. Now showbox is completely removed from your computer.

Follow these steps Provided below:

  • Go to the folder that contain the saved links of app.
  • Open the app through the bluestacks app player.
  • Showbox has been installed on your computer.
  • Now the error of this showbox app will be removed and get recover from the showbox not working error.
  • Never try to update your showbox app again then you will be again suffered by above problems.

How To Do This On Android Phones:-

  • Select the showbox app from the list of installed apps.
  • On the uninstall option, tap and hold for few seconds.
  • Again do the same process and install the apk file from the above link.
  • Install the apk file on your android mobile will help you to get recover from the Error.
This is the simple process. If this method is not working for your smartphone then try the aliter method.
  1. Go to –> Settings.
  2. Go to –> General –> click on it.
  3. Click –> Application Manager.
  4. Find –> All Application or All by swiping left.
  5. Search for –>Showbox from the installed apps list and click on it.
  6. Click –> Clear Cache  and Clear data.
showbox not working

showbox clear cache

Hope that you find the post, ” Unfortunately Showbox has Stopped, Get it fixed now”, a useful information solution for your problem. If not comment us we will help you to solve your problems.


  1. Callen says

    I tried clearing the data and restarting my phone but it still seems to not work. The names of the movies are seen but there are no pictures. It still says showbox has stopped. Is there a problem with the application? I really want to fix it. Please help me!!!

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