ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL Resolved in Google chrome

Errors In Google Chrome and the Solution to Resolve Them:

ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL:Chrome Browser, one of the best products of the Global internet Giant Google is the most used browsers all around the Globe. The advantages of Google Chrome Web Browser are many yet easy Handling and Faster Browsing are the two key advantages of Google Chrome Browser. In spite of its advantages, Chrome might face some errors ( no wonder because it handles millions of user) and ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL error chrome is one among them. This article is going to explain about the above error and a number of Solutions to overcome the error ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL. Kindly scroll Down Friends…



ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL~ Error in Google Chrome Browser:

You might face the error ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL error chrome when you are browsing for something important and we know how important your work is and in that time if you are facing ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL error then you will really be tensed. But Don’t Worry Friends. We have Listed down the solutions available to overcome this error. This error err ssl protocol error when attempting to connect with host. Sometimes you may also get an error like ssl err unknown protocol.

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ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL error happens in other device and Platform:

These type of error generally occurs in different platforms like Windows, Apple and more. This error also happens in server side like err ssl protocol error Cloudflare and err ssl protocol err chromium. You might also face this err ssl protocol error Mobile in devices such as android as err ssl protocol error android and in Mac as err ssl protocol error iphone and err ssl protocol error Mac and also in email as err ssl protocol error enterprise email and yahoo mail. This error occurs in different versions of Windows Operating system versions such as err ssl protocol error Windows 7 and err ssl protocol error Windows 8 and err ssl protocol Windows Xp and err ssl protocol 8.1 . This error may happen in cloud storage applications also err ssl protocol error dropbox.It might also happen as err ssl protocol error java and err ssl protocol error visual studio. We kindly inform you that the following methods are suitable for all the above error and you can follow the same steps given below.

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ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL Error: Why It Happens?

This error generally occurs Google Chrome as well as Mozilla firefox. The ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL  error happens when the Accessing Website has not enabled SSL Connections(Secured Connections) that literally means Chrome cannot able to create a Secured Connection to the server. moreover ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL error shows that Cloudflare has not issued the SSL Certificate to the accessing Webpage.



 ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL Error How to Fix in Google Chrome:

Allinfopark has worked and collected a number of solutions for the above issue and we have listed down those solutions with Clear Images for Better and Easy understanding. The Following below are those

Chrome QUIC Protocol Disable Procedure:

This is one of the method to get rid of the error ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL in your chrome browser. Kindly follow the below steps.

  • Once you get the ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL error in chrome browser then
  • Go to New Tab and type in URL field as Chrome://flags


  • Now you will be redirected to another page
  • you will be seeing a list of options


  • Click on the Dropdown box and select the option disable
  • Finally Click OK

We hope the problem is resolved. If not then kindly go through the alternative methods that we have provided below.

Changing Internet Security and Privacy Levels in Your PC:

In this method, we will see how to reduce the internet security and privacy level as SSL error is related to security issue. Kindly follow the below steps.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Now go to Network and Internet
  • You will find the Internet Option
  • Click on the Internet Option
  • A pop up will show up. Now go to Privacy Tab


  • Adjust the security level to medium with the help of the Slider provided
  • Finally Click on Apply

That’s it Friends. Kindly Check whether ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL error has been rectified or not. Scroll down for the next method.

Clearing Certificates in Internet Options:

We will be clearing the older certificates in the Internet Option.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Go to Network and internet
  • Now go to Internet Options
  • Click on that
  • A pop up will appear


  • go to Contents tab
  • Click on Clear SSL state and click OK

Changing the Permission for the Host in your PC:

In this Method, We will be changing the permission that is given for the Host. kindly scroll down to get rid of the error ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL.

  • Go to Start Menu
  • Click On Computer
  • Now go to the drive( say local disk C) where the Windows Operating System has been installed
  • Now go to the Folder Windows and then proceed to System32 and Drivers


  • You will find a file named Hosts
  • Click on that file
  • A notepad will appear. Kindly make changes if necessary and save it


Now kindly check whether the ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL error has been resolved or not.

Updating your Web Browser:

This method is a easier one yet it is an important one

  • If you are getting the error ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL error then kindly check whether Chrome is updated to date or not. You can check it by
  • Go to Customize and Control Google Chrome
  • Then Click on Settings
  • Click on the About Tab that is available on the left pane
  • Click on Check for Update


Checking the Date and Time of your PC:

Sometimes a solution to a problem might be as simple as changing date and time of your Windows PC. It might Seem Funny but trust me guys, It Works. Try Changing the Date and Time of your PC and check whether ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL error has been fixed or not.



Enabling SSL Versions on your PC:

This procedure will be enabling the SSL Versions in your Internet Options.

  • Go to Start Menu
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Now Go to Network and Internet
  • Click on the Internet Options
  • A pop up will appear
  • Now click on the Advanced Tab


  • Check all the option of SSL and TLS as shown in the image and finally Click on Apply.
  • Kindly check whether the ERR SSL PROTOCOL error has been fixed or not.

Modifying your Antivirus Security Options:

Sometimes this error can also occur because of the Antivirus Program that is installed on your PC because of the high level Security provided by the Antivirus Software. Kindly try to reduce the Security level of your Antivirus and check whether the err ssl protocol error is fixed or not. Since there are a number of antivirus has been available, no particular procedure has been explained.For example you might get error on Kaspersky antivirus as err ssl protocol error Google chrome Kaspersky.

Note: Modifying the Antivirus security level is not a recommended procedure as it might affect the system. “

Clearing the Browser Cookies and Cache:

Try to Clear the Browser Cookies and Cache.

  • Go to Customize and Control Google Chrome
  • Go to Settings


  • Now scroll down and go to Advanced settings
  • Click on Clear Browsing data
  • A Pop will Appear


  • Kindly Check the Boxes Clear Cookies and Clear Cache
Note: You might lose your Data if this method is not done properly. Kindly be careful. Make sure you have a backup of your Information. “

Checking Windows System Host File:

  • Go to the start menu
  • Go to the Computer>Local Disk (C:)->Windows->System32->Drivers
  • Click on the hosts file
  • Click on the security tab there
  • Select the Administrator PC there
  • Now click on Edit


  • A Popup will open “Permission for hosts.”
  • Deselect all the option there and finally Click OK button and the New Configuration will be saved now.

Disabling the Browser Extension:

Try Disabling the unwanted Browser extension to solve the error err ssl protocol as these extensions might be a cause sometimes.

  • Go to Customize and Control Google Chrome
  • Go to More tools and Click on Extension.


  • Disable or uninstall the unwanted extensions and try restarting the Chrome browser

Checking you Windows Firewall:

This is not recommended method yet you can try at your own risk. The steps or below

  • Go to Start menu
  • Go to Control panel
  • Go to System and Security
  • Now kindly go to Windows Firewall


  • Now try disabling the Windows Firewall and try in the chrome whether ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL has been fixed or not.
Note: The above method is never recommended  and completely you has to carry on at your own risk as Firewall the top Priority Security option”

We hope your problem ERR-SSL-PROTOCOL  has been fixed. If you are still facing problem then kindly comment us and we will revert soon with a solution. Have a nice day Friends.

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