[Official] How To Install Xcode In Windows 8,10,7 and iOS

Xcode For Windows and Mac:

Xcode for windows: Xcode is an IDE (integrated development environment) mainly used to develop the software and it has been launched by Apple Incorporation. This software is mainly used to to develop the software for Mac OS, iOS, Watch OS and tvOS.

This xcode has been officially launched in the year of 2003. This app is available in apple store free for OS XEl version and mac OS Sierra user’s. Registered developers will be able to download the preview version of xcode from apple store. Currently apple has been made the xcode beta version for apple user’s.

Xcode for windows

Xcode for windows

Xcode is a kind an app development kit. This xcode is only available for iOS and Mac OS and not for windows and remaining operating system. The major main reason behind the unavailability is, Xcode is mainly used to develop the apple based software and it will create a lot of issue’s behind on this. If you are using the hidden firm to install xcode on your windows operating system which will supports the windows 7, windows 8.1 and windows 10. Here below we provided the detailed way to install xcode for windows operating system.

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Note: This article is completely for educational purpose and not for promoting any official pro products. This website provides the information of installing the xcode for windows based system.

Xcode Apple Software Development Kit:

Xcode can be installed in windows operating system using oracle virtual box. Xcode is kind an interface builder and it is mainly used as a testing application of developed softwares and softwares management toolkit. If you follow the below instruction and then you will be able to develop the apple softwares of windows operating system.

Xcode Earlier Versions History:

  • 1.x series- Xcode 1.0 was released in fall 2003
  • 2.x series- Doesn’t have any appropriate date
  • 3.x series- Doesn’t have any appropriate date
  • 4.x series- Xcode 1.0 was released in fall 2012
  • 5.x series- Xcode 1.0 was released in fall 2013
  • 6.x series- Xcode 1.0 was released in fall 2014
  • 7.x series- Xcode 1.0 was released in fall 2015
  • 8.x series- Xcode 1.0 was released in fall 2016
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Installment Requirement of Xcode on windows:

Before installing this xcode for windows, you need to consider the software requirements. Below we provided the software requirement of this software and you can match it with your pc.

  • Mac OS vmware or virtualbox. Download virtualbox here.
  • Downloaded Xcode package from Apple site.
  • You must need the Apple ID in order to download Xcode from Apple app store.
  • Your PC must have powered by Dual Core Intel processor
  • Your system need to be in boosted condition of 2GB of RAM (Recommended: 4 GB+)
  • Hardware Virtualization must be available on your pc

If you are a software apple app developer and then you must need the apple developer id. Here we provided the information that uses the virtualbox for installing the xcode for on windows os. Yeah it is a free and open source software. You can download virtualbox from the above link.

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Steps to install xcode on windows 8.8.1 & windows 10:

Kindly follow the below steps and you will be able to install this xcode on windows 10,7,8 and etc.

  • Download and install the virtualbox software
  • Download and install OSX Maverick ISO file
  • Now you need create the new virtual machine using your oracle vm manager. [ Open Virtualbox–> Click New]
  • You will be asking to create the new os with own name
  • Provide the name as OSX, OS as Mac OS X and provide the Version as Mac OS X (32 bit)
  • After that click Next
Create New Virtual Machine

Create New Virtual Machine

  • Then select the RAM size of your virtual machine, Basically 1GB RAM is recommended for the proper working
RAM Selection

RAM Selection

  • After that create the virtual hard drive file
  • Now a popup will be appear on the screen and it will be asking you to select the hard drive file type
  • Here you need to select the Virtualbox Disk Image (VDI), This hard drive is mostly recommended for the iso image files
Select Hard drive file

Select Hard drive file

  • Then you need to provide the location and size for android need to install in your own physical drive.
  • After that click Next
  • That’s friends, now you have been successfully installed the virtual machine on your virtualbox
  • For loading the iso image file, you need to some steps and they are “Go to Settings –> Storage –> Load iso File –> Click Ok –> Start”
  • Now open browser from your virtualbox and open the apple store and provide your apple id credentials.
Apple store page

Apple store page

  • After signing in to your apple account, search for xcode and install the xcode app.
install xcode from appstore

install xcode from appstore

  • After completing the installation and for access the full rights and access settings of xcode you need to provide root credentials of xcode app. Enter the username and password and click ok button
Xcode Authentication

Xcode Authentication

  • Yippee, you have successfully installed the xcode for windows os. Hereafter you will be able to use the xcode of windows 10, 7, and 8.1
Xcode on Windows

Xcode on Windows

The xcode app’s performance and speed has been completely depend on the way you installed this software on your pc. If you using the windows operating system and it won’t consumes the RAM and Processor. This is the only way that you will be to install xcode on your pc and access the xcode for windows based system.

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