How To Enable Skype Push To Talk & Not Working Fixed

Ways To Enable Skype Push To Talk Feature In Few Steps:

Push To Talk Skype: Skype is one of the best video calling app for pc or desktop. This app is mainly used to make calls from one computer to another computer through the skype with internet connection. This skype can be used for the business purpose also like transactions and more, online teaching also can be done using this skype app. We can share our desktop to someone using this skype app.

In this article we are going to provide the complete details about the enabling Skype Push To Talk feature. As you know skype is an app which can be used to make video calling and voice calling. This skype can be also used to send images, digital documents ( text files, pdf and more ), even text messages also can be sent using through skype.

Skype push to talk

Skype push to talk

How To Enable Skype Push To Talk Feature?

Skype is one of the best tool as we mentioned above but it is difficult to find some extraordinary features in skype for example “Skype Push To Talk” feature, it is otherwise called as “Skype Toggle Mute Key” feature. This app is very easy to use and so new user will be able to find this option easily and if you have any issue regarding this enabling push to talk feature in skype, we provided the detailed information of all about this feature in the below article.

First of all you know what is called as “Push To Talk” in skype? The answer is very simple which means make your mobile or pc into a walkie talkie, :D. The toggle mute key option will mutes the microphone when you are not ready. It can be mainly used by online training or teachers and they enable this option while they were not ready for providing tutorials through skype and so no one can hear anything from other end of your pc.

Follow The Below Steps To Enable Skype Push To Talk:

  • Open the skype app
  • On the right top of the windows you will be able to see the “Tools” option, click on that option and you will get a drop down menu
  • In the menu, you will be able to see the “Options” and click the option
Options tab

Options tab

  • After clicking the options, you will be able to see the list of options will be appear in the left window and in that click the “Advanced” option
Advanced Tab

Advanced Tab

  • Now a list of categories will be appear on the screen and in that click the “Hotkeys” option and again you will get the list of options at the right window
  • Here you will be see one option and it is named as “Toggle Mute(push to talk)
  • Check the box and select your own shortcut key to enable this mode instantly
Hotkeys option

Hotkeys option

That’s it friends, this is very easy right? This is one of the simple and faster way to enable the skype push to talk feature instantly. After enabling done, one option will be appear at the bottom of the skype window and which is skype push to talk option only. You can simply unmute and mute the chats with this option.

Toggle Mute option

Toggle Mute option

Video tutorial enabling skype push to talk feature:

Video Credits: YoutubeRon Harlev

Still if you have any queries related to this article feel free to comment us and we will reply you soon regarding this enabling skype push to talk feature.

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